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Maintenance - Air Conditioning
Your AC needs to be maintained. Just as you take your car for an oil change and you do things throughout your home to maintain it, your AC system is no different. It should be charged with a refrigerant periodically and the coils should be cleaned to avoid too much dust and dirt from accumulating.

At AAC AIRCON, we offer an AC maintenance program that includes sending a technician out to your home, office  throughout the year. We will inspect the system to ensure it is running at the most efficient level. The benefit to you is it we check the system is that problems can be caught early on so they do not become expensive repairs later on.

We will come out before summer and before winter – the two times of the year when there are problems in greater abundance. We will do all of the maintenance on the system so that there is nothing for you to worry about.

You can take the hands off approach because our technicians will maintain the system for you – and this is the best way to care for your AC throughout the year.

What is VRV and VRF air conditioning
Variable Refrigerant Flow and Variable Refrigerant Volume
VRF uses refrigerant as the cooling and heating medium, and allows one outdoor condensing unit to be connected to multiple indoor fan-coil units (FCUs), each individually controllable by its user, while modulating the amount of refrigerant being sent to each evaporator.

By operating at varying speeds, VRF units work only at the needed rate allowing for substantial energy savings at partial-load conditions. Heat recovery VRF technology allows individual indoor units to heat or cool as required, while the compressor load benefits from the internal heat recovery. Energy savings of up to 55% are predicted over comparable unitary equipment.

VRF is typically implemented with the use of an Air conditioner inverter which adds an DC inverter to the compressor in order to support variable motor speed and thus variable refrigerant flow rather than on/off operation.