Vehicle Air Conditioning

We provide fully equipped mobile or workshop service

Car Air Conditioning
It is very important to check and service your vehicle air conditioning on an annual basis to keep it fresh and in working condition. Main dealers usually charge extravagant fees for topping up the refrigerant levels and for cleansing the air circulation system but why overpay when with AAC Aircon you can have exactly the same level of standard at very competitive price?

We are proud to offer a fully equipped mobile or workshop service to ensure that your car's AC is fixed promptly – and at your convenience. We will be happy to come to you or you can come to us.

You cannot bear the UK heat for too long and when you have to be in the vehicle for quite some time, the high temperatures can be unbearable.

You could arrive at your destination looking less than presentable because of the profuse sweating. There is no reason to suffer through such a thing as we have the services to get the system back up and running in a prompt manner.

We conduct various test services so that you know what the problem is. The sooner you address the problem, the more you can save. Compressors are expensive and it may be possible to get your AC operating again before you need to replace this part.

Contact us today to schedule service on your vehicle.